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Zombie Pirate Robot Attack

Jogos Estratégia
Developer: Playcorp Inc
99.99 USD


Battle the evil hordes of Zombies, Pirates and Robots hell bent on revenge after your countless assaults on their strongholds. You decapitated them in Zombie Headmash 5. You stole their loot in Pirate Torment Gold Fever 6. You terminated them in Electroshock 3. For years youve been defeating the forces of evil and robbing them of their ill gotten gains. Now theyve joined forces and its payback.

If youve spent countless hours playing tower defense games and now youre looking for the something new and exhilarating to keep you engaged, you’ve found it!! ZPRattack is a brand new genre of game. It borrows elements from some of your favorite tower defense games, tactics games or real time puzzlers and puts it together as an entirely new experience. The game also appeals to RTS or Real Time Strategy gamers who enjoy more of the tactical elements of that genre.

Battle wave upon wave of walking dead, throat cutting pirates and robots hell bent on destruction. Use the different weapons at your disposal. Each weapon has unique capabilities and strategies that must be mastered.. ZPR attack features hours of gameplay, challenging tactical decision-making, exhilarating fun and great replay value. Each level introduces new weapons and enemies and ramps up in difficulty over 3 waves or assaults. The player is constantly challenged with new tactics and stronger and more complex enemies. Theres always something new to learn and master.

***** Highlights *****
- An epic sound track.
- Gorgeous graphics.
- Heart pounding tactical gameplay
- Over-the-top effects
- Ridiculously funny
- A rewarding, balanced play experience.
- Exploding cows

"ZPRattack is the most addictive, most fun game Ive played in the last 10 years. I think these guys may have invented an entirely new genre of game; the real time tactical cow shooter” iMac voyeurs weekly.

"Since playing ZPRattack, my girlfriend says shes never been more satisfied in bed." (GLBAA) Gamers and Lovers Association of America.

"Simon is a dentist, so we cant show you his face. 8/10 dentists say ZPRattack reduces tartar build up by 67%." Simon the dentist.

"Playing ZPRattack whilst maintaining a diet high in fiber and exercising regularly significantly improved bowl function and reduced the visible signs of bloating." Proctologists Anonymous.“